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Stretching! It is Important!

Stretching is, in my opinion, the most underrated activity, of all time. In my experience as a massage therapist, the root of most physical problems start with a tight muscle. Just think about it- your neck becomes tight and you develop a headache/ migraine because of the lack of blood flow to one or more parts of your head. Now, you'll either treatment that requires you to take medication, or suffer through it! You continue to avoid stretching your, and a similar situation happens a few days later. The cycle repeats, on and on, until more severe situations happen-like needing a chiropractic adjustment because your muscles are so tight, they literally pulled your tendons, ligaments or bones in your neck are out of alignment. Similar injuries can happen as a result of not stretching your back, and any other parts of the body. This eventually causes lots of heartache (sometimes literally, if your blood pressure starts to be affected by the pain), and a waste of time & money. A lot of these issues could be prevented if you took just ten minutes, out of your day, to stretch! Stretching your muscles comes with a whole host of benefits: -helps to build your stabilizing muscles -strengthens your core -releases muscle tension -reduces stress levels, by increasing endorphins, and many other benefits all which help you to living a more physically comfortable, and healthy lifestyle. Do yourself a favor, go on YouTube to find a 10 min full body stretch routine, or check out the link below. This can be done before you get your day started in the morning or before bed (or why not both?) . You'll usually start to notice a significant difference, in the way you feel, in about a week. Here is a great video to get you started Your body works extremely hard to keep you going. Show it some appreciation and love. Don't forget, self care is the best care!! "Create a great day on purpose" -Bright Star

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